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Cybersecurity trickle down isn't working and George Washington would've known it.

In the 18th Century, the British Army was the best - countless battles and numerous victories. Their effect was absolute and unmatchable - or so it seemed. Ole' Gorgeous George W knew that having any chance at success against the Lobsterbacks would mean not fighting them on traditional terms - two national armies warring head to head? Yea, that wouldn't work.

Washington not only recognized the crucial tactical advantages of militias using guerrilla tactics against the Brits, but he also appreciated that the love of the nation and its defense must start at the local level. This began with Americans' willingness to defend their properties and families on their own and with neighbors. From the bottom up, this spirit created militias and a solid, steadfast, and victorious Army; the same that maintained it's self-defending spirit to become the best Army of the world. One of Britain's downfalls was that their Soldiers were fighting as a large behemoth, without the local…
Thank You for Calling Equifax. Your Business is Not Important to Us.
Above is a great article that explains in detail what happened.
But if you don't have time to read it all, find the major points and how to stay safe below:
Quick background. 1. By the 1960s Equifax was one of the largest credit bureaus in the US, having accumulated the personal info of millions of Americans and Canadians. (Verified: Originally, insurance companies used Equifax to obtain information on potential clients. Now many businesses and employers rely on this personal info to determine credit risk, employability, etc.
2. Equifax didn't ask to start doing this, they just did it. They collected your information from various public records and consolidated it into their databases. We, as consumers and US citizens, were never able to decide whether or not Equifax had sufficient security to protect our personal data.
How the hack happened. 1. Short story: Equifax failed to …