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Do you need a VPN to protect your internet traffic?

You have to use the hotel's free wi-fi but you think it's pretty shady - is a VPN right for you?

We've all been there - we arrive at a hotel and need to check our work email, we're at Starbucks and want to check our bank account, or we're at the airport and need to view our boarding pass on our phone - we need access to some sensitive data but need to get on the internet quick, no matter the risk. 
And besides, what can you do to protect those risky but necessary internet connections? Plenty, actually. 
You see, the reason public wi-fi that you find in hotels, airports, coffee shops, malls and more is dangerous is because whomever giving it to you is likely giving it to you for free and doesn't want to spend the money to check whether or not each connected device is free of malware or to stop it on their networks. So free wi-fi is basically like the wild wild west - there is no law, enter at your own risk. If you connect to a network that another infected device i…