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What Facebook Must Do To Regain Our Trust

TL;DR - Facebook's current problem is that it has no good way of verifying the identity of those looking to leverage its users for advertising or broadcasting via Facebook groups. It got there because it needed to rush to get users and then monetize them before it ran out of money. Now it needs to raise that bar by learning from Airbnb. 
Getting users on its platform as quickly as possible is what gave Facebook a valuation of over $300 billion. It grew a community so big, so fast, and so loyal it was able to become a fast track for advertising - advertisers could leverage all of the personal data Facebook users unwittingly offered up every time we added to a profile, made a friend, or "liked" a post. 
These advertisers used this information, either leveraged from Facebook or, in Cambridge Analytica's case, through apps that granted access to our data on Facebook. This doesn't even cover all of the more technical information about our browsing habits and other onlin…