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Cybersecurity CEOs: find your "big why" or get out of the way

I never grew out of my "why" phase. I made my problem worse by getting an Intelligence Studies degree from Mercyhurst & became an Army Intel officer.
One thing I loved about the Army was the mission statement in the Operations Order. Nothing really happened without an Operations Order and the mission statement's purpose was simple: tell the Soldiers why you're about to do something. By giving "commander's intent," the troops know the "why" behind the mission so that if everything goes to hell and  you forget all the other details, the objective is completed & the mission is accomplished. Rescue the hostages, destroy the machine gun nest, capture/kill the target. If nothing else happens right, do this one thing no matter what.

Of course I'd ask "ok, but why are we doing that?" The Army had an answer: read the mission statement in the Operations Order published by the highest headquarters -it's there for everyone to re…